Our story begins in 2003 with the purchase of Reese Hardware & Paint from the Kuhne family. The hardware was located in a 3,200ft 2 building in downtown Reese. After eight years in operation, we purchased a plaza in Reese that previously housed a grocery store…..and tripled our floor space! We stocked our new hardware store and installed a beer cave……“Bolts & Beer, Get ‘em Here !” (continued below)


At that time, our power tool selection was weak and scattered. We had different brands without focus. This was just not our market (WRONG). A very good customer asked us to supply him with Milwaukee grinders. He said, “I’m gonna tell you what I want to get, what I’ll pay, and if we have a warranty issue, you’re going to take care of the paperwork”. We went all in! We were impressed with the service Milwaukee provided to us and our customer, and how well they stood behind their products for warranty issues.

Six months after our initial purchase of 12 grinders, we met our Milwaukee rep (Matt) at a trade show. We asked what we’d have to do to compete with the “Big Boys” of the hardware world while selling Milwaukee. Matt gave us the program information, and in the spring of 2015 we put in a 16’ section of Milwaukee power tools. Six months later we doubled the size……and doubled it AGAIN in another six months!

Our strategy for selling Milwaukee tools was working. Price aggressively. Have the best selection of products possible. Be knowledgeable about the product. Provide EXCELLENT service. Always offer the best deal possible and ALWAYS be honest.

Sales were great! We were adding to our selection…..and Milwaukee was taking over our store! In 2018, we opened up the wall to the adjacent suite in our plaza and dedicated 700 ft 2 to create “DESTINATION MILWAUKEE”!

Business exploded. We started running Milwaukee Events three times a year. We began aggressively advertising. We started posting videos on Facebook promoting Destination Milwaukee and became the largest Milwaukee dealer in the State! Then….we ran out of space AGAIN !

In the spring of 2022, we opened up ANOTHER wall to gain access to ANOTHER suite in our plaza! This has allowed us to dedicate 3,200 square feet to only Milwaukee tools & accessories. The response has been tremendous, and we are sincerely thankful for our customers.

Grateful. Humble. Blessed.